Surface analytics

The surface of every material or product interacts with the
outside world. Therefore the chemical, physical and biological
properties of the surface substantially determine the specific
applications and frequently also the service life of a component.

To an increasing extent innovative products are finished with
a tailor-made surface design, for which the processes and
surface composition have to be controlled down into the
submicroscopic or atomic range. This is because adhesion,
wettability, wear and corrosion are affected even by the smallest

Only modern methods of surface analytics provide access to
this information.

Due to their large surface-to-volume ratio, micro- and
nanoparticles often have their own characteristic properties
and are used as a separate material or as a constituent of surface
coatings. The characterization of the particles is therefore
of great importance and requires appropriate methods of

Surface analytics at the Fraunhofer IGB has a wide range of
highly specialized methods, procedures and types of equipment
at its disposal.

Fields of research


Raman spectroscopy and microscopy

Confocal Raman microspectroscopy enables spatially resolved identification of chemical, biological and mineral components in complex heterogeneous samples.


Damage analysis

In damage analysis, the analytical problem can often not be formulated clearly at first. Typical examples are contamination or component failure, which must be investigated. In the ideal case, we can determine the cause of the problem after the investigation and initiate countermeasures together with you.


Quality and process control

Usually, the analytical problem is exactly known exactly here. Examples are the controlling of cleaning or coating processes. Many analytical methods can also be used in production. We would be happy to advise you on this and also carry out measurements in the laboratory for you.


Optimization of product properties

For the optimization of components or surfaces, properties like roughness, wetting or chemical composition must be determined, for example. Here, we offer a wide range of analytical methods for customers.


Methods and technical resources

The Fraunhofer IGB has a large number of different (surface) analytical methods, which can be used in combination to solve the problems of our customers.