Volumetric sorption analysis

Measuring system.
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Measuring system.

The Belsorp Max is a static-volumetric sorption meter for the measurement of physisorption, vapor and chemical sorption. Due to its wide relative pressure range, the instrument can be used to measure the smallest micropores up to macropores (0.35 nm - 500 nm).

The instrument measures both vapor adsorption and chemisorption, whereby it achieves very high accuracies by continuous dead volume correction.

In addition to physisorption analysis using BET, BJH, KK, etc., more complex methods such as the "Density Functional Theory" can be applied.

Determinable Material Quantities

  • Specific surface area (BET, Langmuir), measurement e.g. with Belsorp Max
  • Pore radius distribution
  • Micropores and mesopore analysis
  • Water vapor adsorption
  • Chemisorption analyses