Functional surfaces and materials

Functional surfaces provide products and materials from a wide range of technical fields with new properties and thus enable new areas of application.

Among other products, we develop functional coatings with non-stick and antimicrobial properties, barrier coatings, biocompatible and bioactive surfaces, and functional sensor coatings. For this purpose, we can synthesize, chemically modify or suitably formulate coating materials, e.g. with biobased polymers, hydrogels or functional nano- and microparticles.

Our surface treatment processes include sterilization processes, plasma cleaning processes and printing processes in addition to various coating processes from laboratory to pilot scale.

To characterize surfaces and materials, we use a wide range of methods for surface, particle and polymer analysis.



  • Formulations
  • Hydrogels, customizable biopolymers
  • Functional particles
  • Inks for 2D/3D printing


  • Functional coatings
  • Surface functionalization
  • Sensor coatings
  • Films and textiles


  • Coating technologies
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Structuring, additive processes
  • Particle technology
  • Modification of biopolymers


  • Surface analytics
  • Particle analytics
  • Biopolymer and polymer analytics
  • Additional analytical methods