Functional surfaces and materials

Interfaces play a key role in many technical areas such as the automotive sector, technical textiles and in medical technology. For many surfaces, properties are required that are very different from those intrinsic to the bulk of the material concerned. Besides these material surfaces, inner interfaces in composite materials are becoming increasingly important. Examples are membranes used in separation technology as well as materials for energy conversion, such as separators in fuel cells or thin films in photovoltaics. Another instance of the growing significance of interfaces is as barriers in packaging materials.

Finally, in response to the growing complexity of demand, we combine various technical processes under the aspects of material and energy efficiency. With regard to technical realization, we have established a large variety of methods which involve either films being deposited from the gas phase or the precipitation of thin films or particles from the liquid phase.

Fields of activity


Coatings and Functionalizations




Surface, Particle and (Bio) Polymer Analytics


Plasma Processes


Particle-based Systems