Production of polymers and hydrogels

Polymerization processes

Synthetic hydrogel.

Our know-how in chemical synthesis includes all standard polymerization processes such as radical, ionic and step-growth polymerization (e.g. polycondensation) and various processes for the synthesis of polymer particles. For example, we produce polymeric biomaterials from bio-based building blocks.

Crosslinking technology

Biological hydrogel.

At the Fraunhofer IGB we use well-established chemical and physical crosslinking technologies to produce tissue-like hydrogels. Additionally, in our laboratories we develop our own processes and biocompatible crosslinkers that are suitable, for example, for in situ encapsulation of cells or that simulate special properties such as the elasticity of natural tissues.

We work with photo-induced, radical crosslinking and initiator-free reactions on the basis of click chemistry. Using physical crosslinkings triggered by pH or temperature changes, we can produce customized reversible switchable networks.

The controlled crosslinking of synthetic or bio-based molecular building blocks results in hydrogels with adjustable mechanical and biological properties.