Technology scale up and transfer

Research for the market – the transfer of results from application-oriented research into industrial practice is a key-objective of Fraunhofer IGB's strategy. The aim of our institute is to exploit technologies and processes developed in-house or jointly with industrial partners, as well as to translate them into the industrial dimension and readiness.

The translation of research results into industrially relevant solutions is always carried out with the goal of optimally positioning the respective solution in the market. Through system-focused product development, we ensure the comprehensive functionality of apparatus and systems, maximize customer benefits, shorten development times, reduce manufacturing costs and minimize investment risks.

From invention to innovation

We evaluate the industrial feasibility of new technologies at an early stage and readiness-level and develops concepts for their exploitation. This is done in close cooperation within all research units at the IGB and our industrial partners. In the implementation of innovations we support our partners and industrial customers in the realization, scale-up and plant operation up to technology readiness level (TRL) 9.

For the technical realization of demonstrators and prototypes, a team of experts in the fields of mechanical, electrical and software engineering provides a comprehensive portfolio of engineering competencies and methods based on the principles of methodical design.

Our services range from the conceptual and detail design of components and systems at early laboratory and demonstration plant scale-up to the construction of pilot and prototype plants for the validation of their industrial suitability as well as their integration into existing plant and process systems. For technologies that were initially developed for a specific application, we also identify further potential uses in other business areas. In this way, we also provide horizontal technology transfer.

Based on our many years of experience and broad expertise, we also provide solutions to many questions relating to the industrial design of technical systems, for example:

  • Development methodology: Quality Function Deployment QFD, Value Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Product Development
  • Hygienic Design, CIP, etc.
  • Regulations for certifications: ATEX, FDA, DVGW, etc.
  • Initiation and handling of approval procedures (e.g. BImSchG)

Equipment and competences

For the design and engineering of technical solutions we use SolidWorks® as 3D-CAD design software. This is directly linked to various numerical simulation programs via data interfaces. Here we mainly use COMSOL MultiPhysics® for the theoretical modeling of multiphase processes such as the behavior of solid particles in a fluid flow as well as other software tools. 

Simulation, 3D-CAD-Konstruktion einer Prototypenanlage
Simulation, 3D CAD construction of a prototype plant

To implement the concepts in demonstrators and prototypes, we have our own workshops, laboratories and pilot plants as well as a network of industrial partners.

Combined competencies:

  • Mechanical engineering
    • Mechanical and plant engineering including apparatus engineering
    • Technical mechanics including fluid mechanics/fluid dynamics
    • Technical thermodynamics
    • Construction materials including knowledge of their processing (welding, bonding, etc.)
    • Materials handling and conveying techniques
  • Electrical and software engineering
    • Automation
    • Software engineering (implementation of operational algorithms)
    • Information technology (data acquisition, management and evaluation, Big Data)
  • Cross-section techniques
    • Separation techniques (mechanical, thermal)
    • Disintegration techniques (mechanical, thermal)
  • Innovation management
    • Project management
    • Business evaluations and return on investment calculations (LCC, CAPEX, OPEX)
    • Utilization and marketing strategies
Realisierte Prototypenanlage
Prototype plant realized