Chemical catalysts

In so-called CCU processes (Carbon Capture and Utilization), carbon dioxide (CO2) is catalytically converted to C1 intermediates, ethene and higher hydrocarbons.

A focus of our services is on the screening of catalysts.

Furthermore, we develop catalysts for ammonia synthesis and heterogeneously catalyzed reactions in gas and liquid phases.

Our services

  • Catalyst development and synthesis
  • Catalyst screening
  • CO2 conversion to C1-intermediates (methanol, methane, formate, CO), fuels, ethene and other chemicals
  • Process development: Heterogeneously catalyzed reactions in gas and liquid phases
  • Renewable ("green") ammonia

Catalyst development


Synthesis, optimization and screening of catalysts

  • Catalysts for CO2 conversion to methanol
  • High-throughput screening of catalysts

Process development


Cascade processes for CO2 conversion

One example is the patented process for combined chemical and biotechnical CO2 conversion.


Production of "green" ammonia

As a power-to-X product, ammonia contributes to a stable renewable energy landscape. We are investigating production processes for various applications.


EcoFuel – Economic production of e-fuels

The aim of the EU project is to develop synthetic e-fuels produced from CO2 using renewable energies.

Reference projects

November 2022 – October 2025


Dimethylfuran as a sustainable downstream product of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural: production and applications of a bio-based solvent

September 2022 – August 2025


Conversion of CO₂ from South African coal-fired power plants into multiple commodity streams using green ammonia and hydrogen