Water technologies, resource recovery and scale-up

This innovation field develops concepts, processes and technologies for purifying water and recovering valuable substances from water.

Hygiene in drinking and process water and the associated water analysis play an important role in this.

For water management, the innovation field develops comprehensive concepts, e.g. within the framework of the Morgenstadt City Lab. One focus is on international cooperation to develop and adapt solutions for emerging countries (e.g. South Africa, India, Brazil).

Our activities within this innovation field are not limited to the topic of water. As part of system solutions, we are developing technologies for the use of organic and recycling inorganic (waste) materials. In particular, we treat organic residues such as organic waste or sewage sludge anaerobically in order to economically produce biogas as a regenerative energy source.

We also use the electro-oxidative and reductive processes developed for water treatment in the electrochemical production of basic chemicals from aqueous solutions.

Competence fields


Water technologies

  • Water management and water reuse
  • Water processing and wastewater treatment
  • Desalination
  • Advanced oxidation processes (AOP)

Resource recovery

  • High-load digestion on sewage plants
  • Optimized digestion processes for biogas plants
  • Recovery and recycling of nutrients
  • Bioleaching/biomining

Biofilms and hygiene

  • Detection of microorganisms
  • Biological characterization of antimicrobial surfaces
  • Biofilms – characterization and avoidance

Electrosynthesis of basic chemicals

  • Gas diffusion electrodes
  • Electrochemical cells
  • Demonstration of power-to-X-to-Y processes

Technology scale-up and transfer

  • Technology exploitation and transfer
  • Design and construction of demonstration and prototype plants
  • Implementation and scale-up to TRL 9