We characterize for you

We characterize for you

Surfaces and interfaces of:

  • work pieces, solids
  • layers
  • membranes
  • powders
  • liquids

From all kinds of materials e.g.:

  • polymers
  • ceramics and glasses
  • metals
  • composite materials

Using these analyses we can answer questions about the following parameters:

  • wettability
  • adsorption
  • corrosion
  • film thickness
  • adhesion
  • purity
  • roughness
  • chemical composition
  • chemical functions
  • topography

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Experienced specialists use modern equipment to provide you with a wide range of know-how. The results obtained in the analyses help your innovations to achieve market success.

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We guarantee absolute confidentiality as well as a speedy and reliable handling of jobs and projects.

Surface analytics methods

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