Online Conference  /  November 09, 2021  -  November 10, 2021

International Akademie Fresenius Conference "Sustainability and Chemical Production"

The European Green Deal and its Regulatory Challenges for the Chemical Industry

This Conference will aim at discussing and evaluating the possibilities for developing a more sustainable chemical production. Producers of chemicals and consumer goods find themselves in an increasingly demanding situation with the impending implementation of the European Green Deal and its chemicals strategy for sustainability. Initially the demands of the new regulatory framework seem clear-cut and purposeful. However, they do leave open many questions:

  • How do we define sustainable chemicals and what is a truly sustainable product?
  • How does chemistry help establish sustainable solutions?
  • How does the concept of safe-and-sustainable by design translate back into actual regulatory standards for chemical producers?
  • Which chemicals can we truly live without? What is the actual environmental footprint of a product?


Presentation of Fraunhofer IGB

9. November 2021, 15:10 CET

Bridging research, policy and the requirements of industry: A Fraunhofer perspective on the Green Deal and its feasibility
Dr. Markus Wolperdinger