Press releases and news 1997

  • More energy, less waste

    Press release / 15.9.1997

    A new method for disposing of organic waste offers some clear advantages: compostable materials and sewage sludge can be used as a source of energy. At the same time, the volume of waste is reduced by over 50%.

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  • Hollow fiber

    Fraunhofer researchers have developed a component which regulates the humidity in air conditioning systems, removes carbon dioxide from the air, and purifies the water which condenses – it will even produce drinking water. And the device is hardly larger than a can of lemonade.

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  • Stroma cells

    Exhaustive testing is required for cosmetics and medicines before they can be released on the market. An artificial cornea provides a valuable alternative to subjecting live rabbits to the Draize test.

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  • How new blood vessels are formed

    Press release / 1.4.1997


    Tiny blood capillaries transport blood to almost every cell in the body. Fraunhofer scientists have now identified a factor that encourages the formation of new blood vessels. This opens up new perspectives in the treatment of circulatory disorders.

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