Appointment of Petra Kluger at the University of Reutlingen

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Dr. Petra Kluger, one of the two heads of the Fraunhofer IGB Cell and Tissue Engineering department and manager of the department’s Biomaterials and Test Systems group, accepted a professorship at the Reutlingen University on November 1, 2013. She is to hold a so-called “shared professorship”, which gives her the option of working in parallel at the university and at a research institute.

Dr. Kluger is taking over a series of lecture on tissue engineering on the Biomedical Sciences bachelor’s course in the Faculty of Applied Chemistry in Reutlingen. The aim of this course is to produce chemical engineers with a biomedical specialization; the focus is on biomaterials and their characterization and interaction with the biological system. Besides her expert knowledge, Kluger can above all contribute her practical experience as a long-time associate lecturer at the universities of Stuttgart and Hohenheim. Last year she was awarded the VDI (Association of German Engineers) Ring of Honor particularly for her commitment to supporting young scientists in both practical and academic matters.

At the Fraunhofer IGB, Dr. Kluger focuses on the interaction of human cells with biomaterials, which is essential for medical and biological applications such as the optimization of implants or cell culture substrates. Both partners benefi t from the enhanced cooperation – the university through increased access to the practical, applied Fraunhofer research, the Fraunhofer IGB from new impulses and research conducted by the students, who represent the next generation of scientists.