AERTOs Bio-based Economy (BBE)

The project, led by VTT in cooperation with Tecnalia, has a duration of two years and a budget of 2.6 million euros. For these two years, the project partners have set themselves the goal of advancing the development of a biobased economy in Europe and thereby removing certain technical hurdles in the new value creation chains. In addition, the cooperation between the individual European RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations) involved will be intensified. This should lead to a stronger position of the RTOs in research and development for the biobased economy in the following areas:

  • Sharing knowledge between the RTOs
  • Joint use of the RTOs' research infrastructure
  • Improved mobility
  • Synergistic collaboration platforms for activities within Horizon2020
  • Development of a networked research strategy
  • Increasing the level of awareness in Europe and the world

Production of sugars from lignocellulose

The project is divided into four work packages (WPs). In work package WP1, the Industrial Biotechnology Group of Fraunhofer IGB deals with the production of cheap sugars from lignocellulose, together with the project partners Fraunhofer CBP, VTT, Tecnalia, TNO, SINTEF and SP. In WP1 different fractionation methods developed by these project partners will be combined to establish a flexible modular system for the production of low-cost technical sugars. Within this work package a technical-economic evaluation of the individual process modules as well as the evaluation of the produced sugars and their quality will be performed.

Project information


June 2014 – May 2016


Associated European Research and Technology Organisations AERTOS

Project partners

  • Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft mit Fraunhofer IGB und CBP
  • Stiftung für wissenschaftliche und industrielle Forschung (SINTEF), Norwegen
  • SP Technisches Forschungsinstitut von Schweden, Schweden
  • Tecnalia Technology Corporation, Spanien
  • Niederländische Organisation für angewandte wissenschaftliche Forschung TNO
  • Technisches Forschungszentrum von Finnland (VTT)
  • Flämisches Institut für technologische Forschung (VITO)


The project is financed by the participating project partners, the total budget is 2.6 million euros.

AERTO was originally founded within the framework of ERA-Net (2008-2012). As AERTO's community the partners continue their successful cooperation. AERTOs ERANET has been supported by EARTO.