Zibek, Susanne Dr.-Ing.

Industrial Biotechnology | Group Manager Bioprocess Engineering


Susanne Zibek has been head of the Bioprocess Development group at Fraunhofer IGB since 2008. Zibek studied chemical engineering at Reutlingen University and technical biology at the University of Stuttgart. After working for 6 years in research and teaching at the IBVT of the University of Stuttgart, she successfully completed  her doctorate at the NMI Reutlingen and the University of Freiburg. The scientist is involved in / focuses on the digestion of lignocellulose and raw materials containing chitin as well as the optimisation and development of enzyme and fermentation processes for the production of biobased chemicals, one of her main focuses being biosurfactants / one of her main areas of interest is biosurfactants. She has been teaching at the University of Stuttgart since 2013 and is also a group leader at the IGVP. Since 2014, she has also been  lecturing at various universities (e.g. Esslingen University of Applied Sciences/Springer Campus) and at the University of Hohenheim.