Industrial Biotechnology

Range of services

Strain- and enzyme screening

  • Investigation of terrestrial, marine and animal habitats
  • Screening of enrichmentcultures
  • Isolation of strains
  • Creating and examining genomic databases from microorganisms


Strain development

  • Creation of vectors (fusion proteins for purification, secretion, immune assays)
  • Metabolic engineering: knock out or overexpression of genes
  • Overexpression of enzymes in pro- and eucaryotic systems


Bioprocess technology

  • Investigation of decomposition processes of raw materials (chitin, lignocellulose) with combinations of mechanical, enzymatic and high pressure process (organosolv, aquasolv)
  • Development and optimization of enzyme conversion procedures, batch processes in stirred tank or continuous processes in fixed bed reactors
  • Investigation and optimization of batch and controlled fed batch processes for the increase in the space-time yield
  • Development of capable scale-up fermentation processes 
  • Contract fermentation for the production of biomass, enzymes, or metabolites up to 30-L scale under S1 and S2 conditions
  • Development of purification methods (normal phase chromatography, precipitation, precipitation, solvent extraction)

Infrastructure and technical equipment

Screening instruments

  • Pick robot
  • Screening reactors (2-20-mL-scale, 24fold-system)


Molecular biology

  • Thermocycler for PCR
  • Gelelectrophoresis (native gels, SDS-PAGE, agarose)


Equipment for parallel synthesis

  • Temperature-controlled shaker for 24 parallel batches (2 to 20 mL scale)
  • Temperature-controlled stirring system for 6 parallel batches (30 to 200 mL scale)



  • Various temperature-controlled incubators incubation shakers


Reactors and process technology

  • Enzyme reactors
  • Fixed bed reactor (adsorber and immobilized enzymes)
  • Multi fermenter facility for 8 parallel batches (1.2-liter scale, S2)
  • Small scale fermenter (up to 3.6-liter scale, S2)
  • Technical scale fermenter (42 liters, S2)
  • Process control system for control of fed-batch feeding strategies and processes with RQ control (exhaust gas analyzers)


Disintegration equipment

  • High pressure reactors (1 L), e.g. for disintegration of biomass
  • Inline disperser

Downstream Processing

  • Acid chromatographic purification for non-polar metabolites (normal phase)
  • Rotary evaporator
  • Crossflow filtration units


  • Automatic DC
  • HPLC with RI-, UV- and ELSD detectors
  • Multiwell-Reader