Bio-protection for healthy grapes

Fungi like downy mildew reduce wine yield and impair wine quality. In conventional as well as organic viticulture grape growers usually apply copper for preventing these fungal diseases. In the ProEcoWine project funded by the EU, on behalf of five companies the Fraunhofer IGB, the University of West Hungary and Laboratoire PHENOBIO develop a novel bio-plant protection product to replace copper fungicides.


Project information

Project title

ProEcoWine – Development of a process to generate a novel plant protection product enriched with micronutrients to replace copper in organic viticulture


Project duration

November 2012 - October 2014


Coordinated by

  • Fraunhofer IGB


Project partners

  • IAU Service - Werner Bannach, Germany
  • A4F Algafuel SA, Portugal
  • Marz Josef Rudolf, Germany
  • Les Vignerons de Buzet Societe cooperative Agricole, France
  • Viñedos de Aldeanueva, Spain
  • Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Sweden
  • Naturland - Verband für ökologischen Landbau e.V., Germany
  • University of West Hungary, Hungary
  • Laboratoire Phenobio SAS, France

Project partners

  • Fraunhofer IGB (Germany)
  • IAU Service - Werner Bannach (Germany)
  • A4F Algafuel SA (Portugal)
  • Kürzeder & März (Germany)
  • Les Vignerons de Buzet Societe cooperative Agricole (France)
  • Viñedos de Aldeanueva (Spain)
  • Alfa Laval Corporate AB (Sweden)
  • Naturland - Verband für ökologischen Landbau e.V. (Germany)
  • University of West Hungary (Hungary)
  • Laboratoire Phenobio SAS (France)


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 315546.

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