Compact and fully automatic treatment plant based on electrocoagulation for the separation of emulsified oil from waste water from ships and drilling platforms

In the OilEClear project, a treatment plant for oily waste water from ships and drilling platforms is being developed that complies with current and future discharge limits for petroleum hydrocarbons (THC), dissolved organic matter and toxic metals. As it is a major challenge for the operators of ships or drilling platforms to comply with the legal requirements with the currently available technologies, there is a large market for better alternatives. The OilEClear project aims to develop a novel, patentable treatment plant that also complies with the strict THC limit of 5 ppm and removes organic matter and toxic metals. The relevant parameters of the treated waste water are monitored by a process control system with data recording and the discharge is automatically stopped if they are exceeded.

Project information

Project titel

OilEClear – Development of a safe, compact, highly efficient, economic and fully automatic electrolytic treatment system for separation of emulsified oil from wastewater of ships (bilge) and oil rigs (slop)


Project duration

November 2012 – November 2014



  • Westmatic AB (Sweden)


Cooperation partners

  • Westmatic i Arvika AB (Sweden)
  • IMU-TEC OY (Finland)
  • Naval Consulting and Management AS (NaCoM) (Norway)
  • Stena Line (Sweden)
  • Teknologisk Institutt (Norway)


The research leading to results in this project will be funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (FP7/2007-2013) in accordance with Grant Agreement No 314958.

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