Semi-continuous monitoring system for controlling the salt content in source streams

In this EU project, Fraunhofer IGB is involved in a trans-European consortium in the development of a novel system for determining the salinity and other physical parameters in offshore oil production. The measuring system is intended to enable the exact determination of the volume flows of multiphase mixtures of oil, water and gas, as they occur in offshore oil production at great depths. For this purpose, the multiphase mixture is separated into its components. The data obtained in this way is used, for example, to calibrate inductive flow measurements or to detect changes in the oil composition at an early stage.


Project information

Project titel

SalinityScan –  Development of system for semi-continuous monitoring of salinity in well streams to remove volume measurement errors and detect water breakthrough


Project duration

January 2011 – December 2012



  • Tool-Tech AS (Norway)


Cooperation partners

  • Tool-Tech AS (Norway)
  • Euro Technique Industries (France)
  • Intelmec Ingeniera S.L. (Spain)
  • SubC Solutions AS (Norway)
  • Fraunhofer IGB (Germany)
  • Teknologisk Institutt as (Norway)
  • Robert Gordon University (Scotland)


The research leading to results in this project will be funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (FP7/2007-2013) according to Grant Agreement No 262646.

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