Pangotra, Dhananjai

Sustainable Catalytic Processes

Dhananjai Pangotra joined Fraunhofer IGB as a PhD candidate in July 2018 and  has been working in the Innovation Field of Sustainable Catalytic Processes since then. His current research work is in the field of Electrocatalysis to produce fuels and chemicals. His PhD work is in collaboration with Fraunhofer IGB and the Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources, Technical University of Munich. His previous research focused on the electrocatalytic conversion of biomass into valuable fuels.

    • Electrocatalytic water oxidation
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction
    • Synthesis and characterization of electrocatalysts
  • Professional career

    July 2018 – current PhD Candidate at Fraunhofer IGB, BioCat, Straubing 
    May 2017 - September 2017 Business Development Intern at Tradeasia International PTE LTD., Singapore
    2015-2017 Master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry, TUM Asia (National University of Singapore and Technical University of Munich)
    2014-2018 Master’s degree in Public Administration, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, India
    2011-2014 Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, University of Delhi, India


  • Project title Project title long Funding source Period
    CO2EXIDE CO2-based electrosynthesis of ethylene oxide EU January 2018 – December 2020
  • Jahr
    Publication Type
    2022 Anodic production of hydrogen peroxide using commercial carbon materials
    Pangotra, Dhananjai; Csepei, Lénárd-Istvan; Roth, Arne; Ponce de León, C.; Sieber, Volker; Vieira Dessoy Maciel, Luciana
    Journal Article
    2019 Electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from water and oxygen
    Perry, Samuel C.; Pangotra, Dhananjai; Vieira, Luciana; Csepei, Lénárd-István; Sieber, Volker; Wang, Ling; Ponce de León, Carlos; Walsh, Frank C.
    Journal Article
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