Rupp, Steffen Prof. Dr.

Deputy Director | Head of Business Area Health

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Prof. Dr. Steffen Rupp has been deputy director of Fraunhofer IGB since 2015, and since 2019 he has also been coordinating activities in the Health department at the institute. Rupp holds a doctorate in chemistry. He joined Fraunhofer IGB after a research stay at the “Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research“, MIT, USA, in 1999. At the IGB, he established the junior research group "Automated Protein Screening Systems". In 2006, Rupp became the director of the new Molecular Biotechnology department, from which several teams emerged as new “Innovation Fields” in 2019, as part of a strategic realignment of the institute.

Since 2004, Rupp has been a private lecturer at the University of Stuttgart, and in 2015 he was appointed associate professor of Molecular Biotechnology.