Annual report 2020/21

When our last year's annual report was published at the end of March 2020, the first lockdown had just been decided in Germany. Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly and permanently changed our lives, our daily routine and our business processes. Despite the difficult underlying conditions, we can look back on a successful year. The Institute's positive development was driven by a stable economic output and an increase in publicly funded project activities.

We also provided important impetus in the Fraunhofer-internal activity program “Fraunhofer vs. Corona“ in which many institutes are joining forces to develop innovative solutions to combat the pandemic. In addition, we were successful with excellent projects in the “Fraunhofer Innovation Program“, which aims to contribute to the renewal process of the economy, and were able to pursue important future topics – in line with our strategic orientation. The focus here is on new technologies for climate neutrality and the circular economy.

Our vision “We combine biology and engineering“ has thus been confirmed as forward-looking and resilient in the current pandemic and beyond.




  • Diagnostics
  • Drug development
    • Human test systems, immunoreceptor assays and production cell lines
    • Virus engineering
    • Drug Delivery and Release

Sustainable Chemistry


  • Fine and specialty chemicals
  • Biopolymers and biobased polymers
  • Food and cosmetics
  • Power-to-X and chemical CO2 recycling

Highlights 2020

  • Projects
  • Appointments and prizes
  • Networks
  • Events





  • Smart infrastructures
  • Treatment of process water, wastewater and sludge
  • Efficient production of biogas
  • Secondary resources, raw materials and water reuse

Researching together

Our contribution to corona research and what we can do together with you against infections – from prevention, to diagnosis and drug development.


Technology Scale up and transfer

Exploitation of technologies and processes developed in-house or jointly with industrial partners, as well as their translation into the industrial dimension and readiness.

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