Roth, Arne Dr.

Sustainable Catalytic Processes

Arne Roth has been working as head  of the Innovation Field Sustainable Catalytic Processes at Fraunhofer IGB since 2019. A chemist by education, his research focuses on the development of catalytic power-to-X-to-Y process cascades. In this context, he is fascinated by the possibility of  utilizing renewable electric energy, CO2 and water as simple and highly abundant feedstock for the sustainable and scalable synthesis of fuels and chemicals – products that form the basis of our economy and our daily lives.

    • Power-to-X technologies yielding methanol, ammonia and other platform chemicals
    • Synthetic liquid fuels for aviation and other transport sectors
    • Power-to-X-to-Y process cascades: combination of power-to-X with fermentation of C1 substrates to value-added products
    • Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction processes
  • Professional career

    Since 2019 Head of Innovation Field Sustainable Catalytic Processes at Fraunhofer IGB
    2010 – 2019 Lead of Research Focus Alternative Fuels at Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.
    2008 – 2010 Postdoc researcher Institute of Nanotechnology at the KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany, in the field of chemical hydrogen storage materials
    2003 – 2008 PhD at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany, in the field of Bioinorganic Chemistry
    2001 Semester abroad at the University of Notre Dame, USA
    1997 – 2003 Degree in chemistry at the Bielefeld University, Germany 
  • Project title Project title long Funding source Period
    ShaPID Shaping the Future of Green Chemistry by Process Intensification and Digitalization Fraunhofer lighthouse project January 2021 – December 2023
    EcoFuel Renewable electricity-based, cyclic and economic production of fuel EU January 2021 – December 2023
    CO2XIDE  CO2-based electrosynthesis of ethylene oxide EU January 2018 – December 2020
    Green Ammonia Production of green ammonia in Morocco Fraunhofer November 2018 – July 2020
  • Jahr
    Publication Type
    2022 Anodic production of hydrogen peroxide using commercial carbon materials
    Pangotra, Dhananjai; Csepei, Lénárd-Istvan; Roth, Arne; Ponce de León, C.; Sieber, Volker; Vieira Dessoy Maciel, Luciana
    Journal Article
    2021 Dezentrale Entkopplung von Stromerzeugung und Energieversorgung durch Kopplung von onsite-elektrochemischer Methanolerzeugung und Methanolbrennstoffzellen - eleMeMe. Schlussbericht
    Csepei, L.-I.; Deinert, L.; Roth, A.; Vieira, L.; Wössner, M.
    2021 Synthetic Methylotrophy in Yeasts: Towards a Circular Bioeconomy
    Fabarius, J.T.; Wegat, V.; Roth, A.; Sieber, V.
    Journal Article
    2020 Renewable fuels for aviation
    Roth, Arne
    Aufsatz in Buch
    Book Article
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