High performance UV light source for the sterilization of water

UV light source
UV light source.

Increasing density of population gives rise to the spread of germs and viruses. Disinfecting with UV light has proven to be a reliable and environmental friendly process. Unlike conventional mercury discharge lamps, the new form of UV light has a broad range of different wavelengths. The UV-spectrum has been tailored to reach maximal germicidal effect.

In cooperation with a European industrial partner, we have succeeded in developing a novel type of high performance UV light source for the sterilization of water. The UV light in this application is emitted by a plasma, which is stimulated by microwaves.


  • Reliable and efficient sterilization of high volume throughput
  • Reduced fouling and reduced cleaning expenditure due to elimination of “high peaks”
  • No wear because free of electrodes
  • Easy to maintain because the active electrotechnical components are located outside those parts of the apparatus which are in contact with the medium
  • Free design of shape of light source


Project partner

Sico Technology GmbH, Bad Bleiberg (Austria)