AOP Research Facility

Technikumsanlage zur Entwicklung von Oxidationsprozessen (AOP) am Fraunhofer IGB
Pilot plant for the development of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) at the Fraunhofer IGB.

The Fraunhofer IGB has a pilot plant for the development of oxidative processes for wastewater treatment.

This facility offers:

  • an ozone generator (up to 4 g ozone/h),
  • an ozone reactor,
  • a UV reactor (2 kW medium-pressure mercury lamp),
  • ultrasonic units (25 kHz and 40 kHz; 1.7 kW)
  • an electrolysis cell (up to 50 A and 10 V) with separate anolyte and catholyte circuits (electrode surface 180 cm2 each).

These modular units can be freely combined. It required, further unit processes such as filtration and biological treatment can be incorporated in the process.

The facility is equipped with an online TOC analyzer, continuously measuring dissolved organic carbon and volatile organic carbon both in the intake and in the discharge during a test run. The facility is suitable for trials on the semi-industrial scale with a volume flow of up to 500 l/h.

In addition to the continuous improvement of processes for oxidative water treatment we typically use the facility to test run wastewater samples with selected AOP processes on behalf of industrial clients. Thus effective treatment strategies can be tested inexpensively on pilot plant scale and developed for industrial use. Here the specific energy input is of primary interest.