Richter, Michael Dr.

Head of Innovation Field Bioinspired Chemistry

Dr. Michael Richter is a chemist and has been employed at Fraunhofer IGB, Straubing branch, since June 2015. Here, he initially worked on developments in the field of applied biocatalysis and the development of biobased materials. In 2019, he took over the leadership of the Bioinspired Chemistry Innovation Field, a highly interdisciplinary research group dedicated to innovative approaches in the field of sustainable chemistry in a holistic way, using nature as a source of ideas to develop new biobased chemicals, polymers and materials.

The concept behind this is to utilize selected natural molecules with exclusive functionalities from nature’s repertoireand to integrate them into chemical products. New functional properties of the chemical products should then be obtained through the chosen building blocks via sustainable synthesis. His main interest is to combine different scientific disciplines, to discover new terrain at the interfaces of biology, chemistry and materials sciences and to implement innovations into practice.