Kriem, Lukas Dr.

Water Technologies, Resource Recovery and Scale-up

Lukas Kriem has been working since june 2020 as a scientist at Fraunhofer IGB. In 2014, he received his Bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science from Drury University in Springfield, MO, USA. He then received his Master’s degree in Chemistry with a focus on environmental chemistry from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, USA in 2017, while working as a teaching assistant in the same department. As a scientist for quality assurance and analysis, he worked for City Utilities in Springfield, MO, USA during his Master’s degree. Since June 2017, he is part of Fraunhofer IGB as a PhD candidate at the University of Stuttgart in a Horizon2020 Marie Curie funded project led by Procter&Gamble. Since June 2023, he has also been Group Manager for Bioprocess Engineering and Microbiology.

As part of the Water Technologies, Resource Recovery and Scale-up department, his work focuses on the use of Raman technologies for biological and chemical samples, the detection of microorganisms in liquid samples, biological characterization of surfaces and the characterization, avoidance and use of biofilms.