Roth, Steffen Dr.

Bioinspired Chemistry | Scientist Bioorganic Chemistry

In 2020, Dr. Steffen Roth joined the innovation field of Bioinspired Chemistry  at the Fraunhofer IGB, Straubing branch . After his studies in applied chemistry, he completed his dissertation at Fraunhofer IGB in cooperation with the TU Munich (Chair of Prof. V. Sieber) between 2015 and 2020 as a doctoral scholarship holder of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU). During this time, he focused on the provision of sustainable monomers using biotechnological processes and their polymerization.


Since 2021, he has been leading the research activities in the field of Bioorganic Chemistry, specializing on subjects concerning both chemistry, and biology. Combining both research areas using chemo-enzymatic approaches elucidates sustainable solutions for synthesis and novel materials.