Wissenschaftliche Publikationen 2017

In Büchern

Bertau, M.; Fröhlich, P.; Gellermann, C.; Maurer, A.; Vohrer, U.; Wendler, K.
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Nachhaltigkeits- und Nutzenbewertung von Produktionen,
in: Ressourceneffizienz. Schlüsseltechnologien für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft,
Springer Vieweg, Berlin 2017, S. 158, ISBN 978-3-662-52888-4

Bretz, K.; Körner, H.-J.; Schwarze-Benning, K.; Iden, J.-M.; Schließmann, U.
Integrierte Verfahrenstechnik: Ultrakurze verfahrenstechnische Prozessketten,
in: E³-Produktion. Innovationen für die Produktion der Zukunft: Ein Leitprojekt der Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft,
Fraunhofer Verlag, Stuttgart 2017, S. 46-51, ISBN 978-3-8396-1158-6

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Screening applications to test cellular fitness in transwell® models after nanoparticle treatment,
in: Cell Viability Assays. Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 1601,
Springer; Humana Press, New York 2017, S. 111-122, ISBN 978-1-4939-6959-3

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in: E3-Produktion: Innovationen für die Produktion der Zukunft,
Fraunhofer Verlag, Stuttgart 2017, S. 68-75, ISBN 978-3-8396-1158-6

Deerberg, G.; Körner, H.-J.; Schließmann, U.
Integrierte Verfahrenstechnik,
in: Ressourceneffizienz: Schlüsseltechnologien für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft,
Springer Vieweg, Berlin 2017, S. 155-156, ISBN 978-3-662-52888-4

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in: Application of Nanotechnology in Membranes for Water Treatment. Sustainable water developments, Vol. 5,
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Hirth, T.; Unkelbach, G.
Von fossilen zu biogenen Rohstoffen,
in: Alles Zucker!, Nahrung – Werkstoff – Energie. Neue Berliner Beiträge zur Technikgeschichte und Industriekultur, Band 2,
be.bra Verlag, Berlin 2017, S. 171-177, ISBN 978-3-89809-142-8

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in: Application of Nanotechnology in Membranes for Water Treatment. Sustainable water developments, Vol. 5,
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Raman Spectroscopy,
in: Comprehensive Biomaterials II, Elsevier 2017, S. 108-127, ISBN 978-0-08-100691-7

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Manufacturing of micro-scale polyurethane foams by reactive inkjet printing,
in: IS & T: The Society for Imaging Science and Technology NIP/Digital Fabrication 2017. Materials, Applications, and Processes, 33rd International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies (NIP),
ISBN 978-0-89208-331-2

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in: Consequences of Microbial Interactions with Hydrocarbons, Oils, and Lipids: Production of Fuels and Chemicals,
Springer International Publishing, Cham 2017: S. 1-37, ISBN 978-3-319-31421-1

In Fachzeitschriften

Appelt-Menzel, A.; Cubukova, A.; Günther, K.; Edenhofer, F.; Piontek, J.; Krause, G.; Stüber, T.; Walles, H.; Neuhaus, W.; Metzger, M. (2017)
Establishment of a human blood-brain barrier co-culture model mimicking the neurovascular unit using induced pluri- and multipotent stem cells,
Stem Cell Reports 8 (4): 894-906

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Venture from the interior-herpesvirus pUL31 escorts capsids from nucleoplasmic replication compartments to sites of primary envelopment at the inner nuclear membrane,
Cells 6 (4): Art. 46 (18 Seiten)

Bailer, S. M.; Funk, C.; Riedl, A.; Ruzsics, Z. (2017)
Herpesviral vectors and their application in oncolytic therapy, vaccination, and gene transfer,
Virus genes 53 (5): 741-748

Belka, J.; Weigel, T.; Berninger, A.-K.; Kurth, D. G.; Nickel, J. (2017)
Growth and differentiation of myoblastic precursor cells on thin films of metallo-supramolecular coordination polyelectrolyte (MEPE),
Advanced Materials & Interfaces 4 (1): Art. 1600272

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European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery: 1-9

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Development of a simplified purification method for a novelformaldehyde dismutase variant from Pseudomonas putida J3,
Journal of Biotechnology 241: 69-75

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Acta Biomaterialia 52 (Special Issue on Extracellular Matrix Proteins and Mimics): 41-48

Brauchle, E.; Carvajal Berrio, D. A.; Rieger, M.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Reinert, S.; Alexander, D. (2017)
Raman spectroscopic analyses of jaw periosteal cell mineralization
Stem Cells International 2017: Art. 1651376, 12 Seiten

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Raman microspectroscopy for the development and screening of recombinant cell lines,
Biotechnology Journal 12 (1 (Special Issue: Methods and Advances)): Art. 1600412

Brougham, C. M.; Levingstone, T. J.; Shen, N.; Cooney, G. M.; Jockenhövel, S.; Flanagan, T. C.; O'Brien, F. J. (2017)
Freeze-drying as a novel biofabrication method for achieving a controlled microarchitecture within large, complex natural biomaterial scaffolds,
Advanced Healthcare Materials 6 (21): Art. 1700598

Claaßen, C.; Sewald, L.; Tovar, G.; Borchers, K. (2017)
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Gels 3 (4): Art. 35 (16 Seiten)

Decker, S. O.; Sigl, A.; Grumaz, C.; Stevens, P.; Vainshtein, Y.; Zimmermann, S.; Weigand, M. A.; Hofer, S.; Sohn, K.; Brenner, T. (2017)
Immune-response patterns and next generation sequencing diagnostics for the detection of mycoses in patients with septic shock – Results of a combined clinical and experimental investigation,
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18 (8): Art. 1796

Dörsam, S.; Fesseler, J.; Gorte, O.; Hahn, T.; Zibek, S.; Syldatk, C.; Ochsenreither, K. (2017)
Sustainable carbon sources for microbial organic acid production with filamentous fungi
Biotechnology for Biofuels 10 (1): Art. 242

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Can phosphate salts recovered from manure replace conventional phosphate fertilizer?,
Agriculture 7 (1): Art. 1

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Acta Biomaterialia 52 (Special Issue on Extracellular Matrix Proteins and Mimics): 49-59

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Genome Announcements 5 (28): Art. e00532-00517

Hahn, T.; Haitz, F.; Schäper, N.; Carrillo-Riveros, P.; Günther, M.; Zibek, S. (2017)
Mannosylerythritol- und Cellobioselipide – vielseitige Biotenside
sofw journal 143 (1+2): 1-7

Hiller, A.; Borchers, K.; Tovar, G.; Southan, A. (2017)
Impact of intermediate UV curing and yield stress of 3D printed poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate hydrogels on interlayer connectivity and maximum build height,
Additive Manufacturing 18: 136-144

Hohagen, H.; Schwarz, D.; Schenk, G.; Guddat, L. W.; Schieder, D.; Carsten, J.; Sieber, V. (2017)
Deacidification of grass silage press juice by continuous production of acetoin from its lactate via an immobilized enzymatic reaction cascade,
Bioresource Technology 245 (Part A): 1084-1092

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Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of sucrose monoester: Increased productivity by combining enzyme pretreatment and non-aqueous biphasic medium,
Journal of Biotechnology 259: 182-190

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Biosensors and Bioelectronics 87: 312-319

Jannasch, M.; Gätzner, S.; Weigel, T.; Walles, H.; Schmitz, T.; Hansmann, J. (2017)
A comparative multi-parametric in vitro model identifies the power of test conditions to predict the fibrotic tendency of a biomaterial,
Scientific Reports 7 (1): Art. 1689

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In vitro chemotaxis and tissue remodeling assays quantitatively characterize foreign body reaction,
Alternatives to Animal Experimentation ALTEX 34 (2): 253-266

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Continuous dip coating of PVDF hollow fiber membranes with PVA for humidification,
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Science of the Total Environment 575: 1228-1238

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Allograft heart valves: current aspects and future applications,
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Organs-on-a-Chip: Neue Perspektiven in der Medikamentenentwicklung und Personalisierten Medizin,
DZKF – Deutsche Zeitschrift für Klinische Forschung 21 (1): 7-14

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A biodegradable AZ91 magnesium alloy coated with a thin nanostructured hydroxyapatite for improving the corrosion resistance,
Materials Science and Engineering C 75: 95-103

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Correction to: Dual transcriptome of the immediate neutrophil and Candida albicans interplay,
BMC Genomics 18 (1): Art. 863

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